i've somewhat abandoned this site and started a new one. click here if you'd like to view it

Page Updates
17/07 added those border thingies on some tables! also added nav bar to the alternate theme. I plan on adding more pages to my page such as an art page and a collection page / toybox.

12/07 added alternate theme!!!! please check it out i like it a lot

11/07 added the about me page, added the hedhedhge

01/07 added a graphics page, added stamps nd banners, still trying to get the tabs right

26/06: added the gamelog page!! pls check it out

25/06: created a homepage layout, added a title, added favicon, added navigation bar


Hello and welcome, I'm very greatful to see you here. This is my personal neocities site im making mainly to display my interests & share with friends. I'm still a beginner but i have taken a huge interest in this and i hope to improve and learn with this web page. As it might be obvious, most pages on this site are still HUGE works in progress ^_^;;

I've started this website on 24th of june and I try to update it as often as I can! You can explore the existing pages on the site with the navigation bar.
link me if you wish!!